Vegas blues

Celeb Boutique Blue Bandage Dress, I cannot find the exact one but they are all the same material  ( Click Here )

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So last week i was in Las Vegas, I know , I am still trying to believe its real myself, I was invited to dinner with my lovely ladies and to party afterwords in the Bellagio hotel at Bank. Bank is a hip hop club, it was incredible, if you are ever in Vegas I highly recommend it, that is if you like hiphop of course.

So my lovely friend lent me her Celeb Boutique Blue Bandage dress and OMG! It was amazing, the best bandage dress i have ever worn, most of you ladies already know this, but it fit in all the right places, made my curves look great and the colour was outstanding. It does come in black and red too I believe.

I have struggled to find a decent priced bandage dress, and all the ones i have purchased to be honest have been pretty cheaply made, thing material and just not very flattering, yes Celeb Boutique is more expensive, but it is totally worth it! If you want a head turning outfit then please take a look.

You will feel a million dollars and you will forget the price tag.

Thanks for reading

Love Amy X


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