The Jar Of Happiness

image1 image2 image3 image6 image11 image12 image13 image14Here is a post about a gift I recived last year from a good friend, I belive it to be a real “cure” and a helping hand through a hard time.

It is quite simply a glass jar with some gold ribbon around it, that contains 50-100 little scrolls, each scroll has either a quote a memory or a task.

Some as simple as , get your self your favourite chocolate and watch a movie!

This is something that was given to me when I was having a regualr low patch, with out going in to to much detail I was quite low and fed up.

So how do you use it: when ever you are feeling down or you are having a bad day you simply choose a scroll from the jar and read it, if it is a task you need to complete it and if it is a quote you need to think about it. Just remember that this is personal and it is fit to the person you are gifting it too.

This gift can be changed to fit the person of course, that is what is so great about it.

Here are some examples

50 things I love about you
50 memories I have with you
50 reasons why your my best friend
50 things to make you smile
50 things to love about yourself

All you need is a jar, some paper/card , a pen and some ribbon!

Please head over to my youtube channel were I show and open this for you guys to see.

( Click Here For Youtube Channel )

Thanks for reading

Love Amy X


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