Miss Guided Must Haves

So as I was making this blog post I realised that I clearly like the colours black, white and grey with the odd splash of red, my whole wardrobe is full of it, so this autumn I am going to try and add some more colour in to my wardrobe.

I am however a big lover for nude, khaki and burgundy.

Let me know what you think of my top picks from Miss Guided 

Just click the image to shop the product.

Thanks for reading

Love Amy X


de900405_cindy_23.09.15_sr_-27 de900091_carol_28.09.15_hm_22695 k9220694_carol_28.09.15_hm_23317 d8202317_yolanda_25.09.15_hm_22071

s8990887_cindy_23.09.15_sr_-18 o9440262_stephanie_27.08.15_mc_538641 o6440035_phoebe-_-joanna_24.09.15_hm_19465_1_6 d8202130_cindy_16.09.15_hm_10366

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