Les Arcs

I have recently just got back from a skii trip to Les Arcs n France, it was amazing, fabulous in fact.

I booked through Crystal Ski because it is easy and they include everything, flights, transfers and you can add on lift passes and equiptment hire, I stayed in 1800 at the beautiful APARTHOTEL EDEN, ARC 1800 it is a more exspenisive hotel but completely worth it.

In the hotel it is bed and breakfast , it is a ski-in ski- out location, they have an indoor pool , whirlpool, sauna, hammam and fitness room, all with the stunning panorama of Mont Blanc and Tarentaise valley. Free wifi too!

The room was absolutley amazing, modern and clean, the beds were comfortable and it is equipt with everything you should need, we had so much space, a double room with an onsuit and a spare room with bunkbeds, on top of that the sofa is a very comfortable pull out bed.

The staff were incredible and very helpful, friendly and they really cared for my needs.

They have lockers loacted on the bottom floor right next to the outside door, were you can put all of your equiptment through out your stay, this was great, no more wet ski boots or helmets in the room!!

The reason I loved staying in 1800 was alot to do with the weather, we had ALOT of snow, so the visability for a few days was quite bad, however most of the runs and lifts were still open, unlike 1950 and 2000. We had some friends with us that stayed in 1950 and in 2000 and they could not get down to 1800 or skii for the days were the visability was bad due to lifts and runs being closed.

To get to the village with the shops, resurants and bars you have to get a short gondala down from the hotel, but this is only a couple of minuets, I didnt mind this because it ment no issue with noise and something nice to do in the evening,  there are a few resturatnts just below the hotel also that you can walk to.

The runs are great, they are really long, I went to La Thuille last year and we spent alot of time on lifts compared to this trip, we spent one day skiing across to La Plagne.

Booking last minuet is usually how I plan a skiing trip, this is due to weather, this year there was not enough snow the week before I came and too much snowed whilst I was here yet the week after was perfect, sunny days and snow fall at night, If you can save up for a trip and book last minuet then I would highley recommend doing so.





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