Kim K Two Piece

Kim K Two Piece

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Nude Two Piece ( as seen on Kim K ): Miss Guided: Skirt ( Click Here )

Top: Miss Guided ( Click Here)

This outfit had been around for a while and has been seen on celebrities like Kim Kardashion, I have only just worn it, so don’t worrie it is still in trend.

I wore this to my Lovley friends 30th birthday, we went for dinner and drinks and I felt amazing in this two piece.

It can be found in many colours so there is something’s for every ones skin tone and hair colour, I went for nude as it would stand out with my olive skin and dark hair.

The material is silky and so comfortable, it fits like a glove.

I would recommend this outfit to any one looking to make a statement and feel comfortable at the same time.

Thanks for reading

Love Amy X


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