Herbalife Favourite

Hi everyone.

I have had a crazy few months, I have been working really hard with a personal trainer and in the two restaurants.

I just wanted to update you all on some products that I have been loving for a while now.

YES they are Herbalife, I really do love them and they are working so well for me and my lifestyle.

If you are interested you can see my youtube video here 

First of all I know that some people don’t agree with Herbalife or any kind of supplement, so if this is not for you thats okay.

Herbalife works for me because I am super busy and its fits my lifestyle.

The products that I love are 

Re-Build –  This is a chocolate flavour shake that I drink after a work out, it is full of protein and goodness, all you need to do it mix it with water. ( it literally tastes like milky ways )

Formula 1 – this is a shake that you can have in replacment of a meal or as a quick snack, there are many flavours available and I like to mix mine with almond milk, the Vanilla flavour I mix with frozen berries and ice.

CR7 Drive – This is a power that you add to water, it gives you a great boost while your working out, keeping you full of energy and well hydrated.

Protein bars – These are very tasty and a great way to get that protein intake and to stop snacking on naughty food.

Fiber and Herb – These are tablets that are full of fibre and herbs.

Multi vits for woman – These are literally just a multivitamin.

I also love the Herbalife SKIN but I will save that for my next blog.

I highly recommend these products if you struggle with food or if you need something to help boost your lifestyle and fitness goals.

I hope you enjoyed this post and ill speak to you soon.

Thanks For Reading

Love Amy



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