Dress Good, Feel Good

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Have you ever realised that when you dress great you feel great?

I do find that when I ” slum ” it or when I am in a rush and I just pick up the first jumper and the same pair of jeans that I live in, I dont feel that great.

 I am doing my best to give myself a little bit more time when I get ready to find a great outfit.

I always seem to be in a rush, I am always here there and everywhere so I need to organise my self and what I wear the night before! BUT who doesn’t love an extra half an hour in bed?! I DO

If you struggle with this I would love to know if preparing your outfit the night before helps you, so do let me know 🙂

Skirt: River Island , this is sold out, so here is something simular  Low Price – ( Click Here )  High Price – ( Click Here )

Criss cross top: H & M ( Click Here )

Suede black boots: Carvela ( Click Here )

Thanks for reading

Love Amy





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