Candy Lipz

Candy Lipz




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 After 2 minuets   


Kiss your thin lips goodbye !

Hooked Up by Gemma Wright Beauty – Click Here

CandyLipz lip plumper device is designed to shape, contour, and enhance the lips naturally and instantly. Clinically proven safe and dermatologist approved.

This is one of my favourite beauty products, things that can give you results with out needles and operations are always a plus to me, my lips are even and i would say 

I highly recommend this product if you desire a fuller lip look and you don’t want to have fillers, its great! I know lots of people that use this product and also have high recommendations, take a look at the Instagram page for other results ( Click Here )

There is a 10 day conditioning period when you start using CandyLipz, the first time you use the CandyLipz your lips with more than likely bruise but it does state that when buying the product, for all the information take a look here, The bruising period – Click Here  this is normal and completely safe.

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