3 day Xtreme bootcamp


I was in the finals of Miss England and as a perk we were able to take part in a 3 day military boot camp, it was insane, intense and i thought impossible.

Up at 7am for a 5 mile run, back for break fast , before lunch another workout, then a couple of hours after lunch another workout and after dinner a circuits session, sound like fun ? well I did this three days in a row, staying in a luxury accommodation with breakfast lunch and dinner included. All meals were freshly cooked by a chef and were of course healthy!


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Xtreme bootcamps ( Click Here )

USA PRO gym kit ( Click Here )

I would do this every month if I could, I highly recommend this bootcamp for any one trying to reach a goal no matter how big or small, for fitness or for weight loss, it teaches you all sorts of things, takes you to levels you never thought you could reach for example, I used to really struggle running, I couldn’t go half a mile without stopping or struggling to breath, with the one on one help of instructor James a previous Royal Marines Reserves I could run the 5 miles with out stopping.

YES they are tough on you, YES they make you do it until they see that you really cannot push any more but is that not the reason you are doing it?

Crawling through mud, up hills , burpees in rivers, being told if your not fast enough your doing it again, sound extreme to you?

The accommodation was lovely, with a hot tub, spa , living area , gym studios and the lovely outdoors, you had time to relax to, I had a very lovely massage on the second day, and we watched movies in the evenings.

Its hard to believe but the change in my body after just three days was noticeable, the definition on my stomach and my motivation was amazing, as soon as I got home I went for a run, and I kept my fitness up.

So if you are looking do a bootcamp or need a lifestyle change then I highly recommend Extreme bootcamps, take a look at their website for locations and information.

Thanks for reading

Love Amy X



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